1. free from contamination caused by
harmful bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms.

pfmmedical chose ASEPT as our brand for this plueral/peritoneal drainage system of products because of our belief that the product’s design, simple connections and easy to follow instructions provide you the ability to complete a drainage procedure or a dressing change in an ASEPTic manner to reduce the chances of contamination that may lead to an infection. ASEPT TOGETHER means you are not alone!

Our company, your clinician, your family members and your home healthcare provider want the best outcomes for you. This simple, easy to understand website is designed for patients like you to help understand your ASEPT catheter. Here you will find information about your indwelling catheter procedure, how to drain at home, how to care for your catheter and dressing and directions on how to order more supplies online.

With ASEPT we are in this TOGETHER